Carowinds Food and Restaurants for 2018

carowinds food

Carowinds Food and Restaurants for 2018

Let’s talk Carowinds food!

So, you’re planning a trip to Carowinds and wondering what food and restaurants are there? Check out this video to see all of the menus, food, restaurants and quick-service dining options at the Charlotte amusement park.

I traveled all over the park to get images of the restaurants and food choices to show you what is available at Carowinds for the 2018 season. I’ve included the menus for Harmony Hall, Wings, Papa Luigi’s, Jukebox Diner, Panda Express and all the other places to eat at Carowinds.

Find out about:

  • Three sit-down restaurants
  • Three funnel cake eateries
  • The Churrowinds pretzel
  • The massive Fury Dog and more!

Just want to snack at Carowinds? I’ve got all of the snack stands, including funnel cakes, french fries, ICEEs, ice cream and more!

Do you have a favorite Carowinds Food or Restaurant?

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