Major Announcement: North Carolina Amusement Park Book Project

North Carolina Amusement Park Book The Lost Amusement Parks of North Carolina

Major Announcement: North Carolina Amusement Park Book Project

Big news: I’m proud to announce that I am officially under contract with The History Press to write the book The Lost Amusement Parks of North Carolina.

The book is due to the publisher in May 2019 and details about publication will be coming soon. The book will take a broad look at the history of amusement parks in North Carolina and provide a focus on some of the larger parks that have existed. Believe it or not, there have been more than 70 amusement parks in the Tarheel State since the late 1890s.

Check out my North Carolina amusement park book project video announcement:


Many of the lost North Carolina amusement parks that I’m researching are listed on my NC Amusement Parks page. I’ll keep everyone updated on the book’s progress and any other parks that I discover. You can help me out with anecdotes, postcards, images or any information at all about any of these lost amusement parks from the Tarheel State.

Have you ever visited any of these lost NC amusement parks? Leave me a comment or email me!

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3 thoughts on “Major Announcement: North Carolina Amusement Park Book Project

  1. Congrats – Never been to any NC parks, but I love roadside attractions, so I’m looking foreward to it.

  2. Looking forward to this book! I am a native of Wilmington, NC and still live in the area. When I saw this announcement I immediately thought about Jubilee Park in Carolina Beach, and thought, “There’s no way that little park will make the list!”, but there it was, along with a few others in this area. I’d like to send some stories of those parks; it may take a little while to compile them. Congrats on getting this project!

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