Magic Kingdom Construction Photos!

magic kingdom construction photos

Magic Kingdom Construction Photos!

I’ve got some rare Magic Kingdom construction photos in my latest YouTube video! Most of these photos are from 1971, probably around the mid-summer. There are shots of Main Street, as well as some bonus photos of a monorail being placed on a beam, the Walt Disney World trains under construction and the Jungle Cruise boats being built. At the end of the video, there are some bonus images of the Walt Disney world Preview Center.

There are some fantastic photos of Liberty Square; some are overviews and a few are close-up photos of buildings. You get a good idea of how large the Haunted Mansion show building actually is!

Check out my Magic Kingdom Construction Video:


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Looking for a great book on the first few years of the Magic Kingdom and Walt Disney World? Check out the Story of Walt Disney World: Commemorative Edition. There are some amazing vintage Magic Kingdom photos in the book!


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