George Explores Pandora: World of Avatar!


George Explores Pandora: the World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

Take a look at my video featuring my reactions to the new Pandora land at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. I also talk about Flight of Passage and the Na’vi River Journey. Does this half a billion dollar expansion make the Animal Kingdom a full day park? There aren’t a lot of spoilers, but I do include hi-definition footage of the land, including the rock work and the fauna.

Have you had a chance to experience this brand new land? What are your thoughts about Pandora?

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2 thoughts on “George Explores Pandora: World of Avatar!

  1. Saw Pandora this past Thanksgiving and overall I liked it a lot. Flight Of Passage is spectacular, just incredible and very much in the spirit of the long tradition of Disney flying rides. The Navi River cruise is woefully short, I just do not understand why this ride is not the length of Pirates or Small World. I thought the floating Mountains were great, i think they should try to figure out how to have Pandoran natives(wasn’t there a great costumed Navi’i at the groundbreaking?) and animals outside of the 2 signature attractions, that seemed to be missing.

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