IAAPA 2017 Video: Amusement Park Rides and Food

iaapa 2017

IAAPA 2017 Video: Amusement Park Rides and Food

IAAPA, the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions holds its annual conference in Orlando. Well over 30,000 people attend the conference and visit the trade floor. IAAPA is an amazing place to see the latest in rides, VR technology, amusement park food, tickets, arcade games and more! 2017 was my third year covering IAAPA and I enjoy it more each time. Where else can I talk to the world’s best roller coaster designers and run into Imagineers and theme park celebrities?

And get to eat Beaver Tails!

Check out my IAAPA 2017 video:

I visited my favorite coaster designers: Bolliger & Mabillard, Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC), Great Coasters, Intl. (GCI) and Mack Rides. I also wandered the floor checking out all of the new VR (Virtual Reality) machines and I rode a Crazy 8s coaster that earned my 123 coaster credit.

By far, the Garner Holt Productions display of their new living history animatronic was the most impressive moment. It is amazing how lifelike the character was.

Did you get to visit IAAPA 2017? Have you ever been to IAAPA?

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