Magnus Chase and The Ship of the Dead (Book 3)

Magnus chase and the ship of the dead

Magnus Chase and The Ship of the Dead (Book 3) by Rick Riordan

I’m a fan of Rick Riordan, especially since he’s been able to ignite a passion for reading in so many young adults and kids, similar to J.K. Rowling. Riordan has been able to bring Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Norse mythology to life and he’s done it in an invigorating way. Magnus Chase and the Ship of the Dead is a lively addition to the Gods of Asgard series,

Magnus chase and the ship of the dead

Magnus Chase and the Ship of the Dead is the third book in the Gods of Asgard series, which follows the Norse mythos. (Jackson is Roman and Kane is Egyptian.) In a nutshell, Loki has escaped his imprisonment and is preparing for Ragnarok, or doomsday. If Magnus and his friends aren’t able to stop Loki, then the entire cosmos will be ended.

Which would stink.

Fans of the Gods of Asgard series will definitely want to continue with this book. Riordan’s humor is abundant and he lets his characters grow more in this book than any of the others. I felt the book was a little long for the middle section, but the last 100 pages were action-packed and full of excitement. There were times when I wasn’t sure how Magnus and friends were going to get out of a situation; Riordan has done a great job with keeping the book full of suspense.

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe might scratch their heads when they read the Gods of Asgard series; Riordan follows more of the actual mythology as opposed to the interpretations made by the comic books and the films. Still, I love that Riordan is able to bring the Norse characters to life and imbue them with modern sensibilities.

Are you going to read Magnus Chase and the Ship of the Dead?

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