Kennywood Roller Coasters Video

kennywood roller coasters

Kennywood Roller Coasters

The Kennywood roller coasters represent a great collection of classic and modern coasters for fans and theme park aficionados. There are seven coasters total, with three wooden and four steel. The three wooden coasters are almost 100 years old (1920, 1924 and 1927) and they feel as fresh and exciting as more modern wooden coasters.

kennywood roller coasters why should disney fans visit kennywood?

Kennywood Roller Coasters Video

  1. The Jack Rabbit
  2. The Racer
  3. Thunderbolt (Pippin)
  4. Lil’ Phantom
  5. Exterminator
  6. Phantom’s Revenge (Steel Phantom)
  7. Skyrocket

What’s important is that the park has three John A. Miller designed coasters and a refurbished Arrow. It shows how well a good wooden coaster can stand the test of time and be enjoyed 75 years later. Also, anytime you can turn an Arrow from a painful ride to a fun ride is an improvement!

What’s your favorite Kennywood roller coaster?

kennywood roller coaters kennywood thunderbolt
The Thunderbolt is a wonderful example of a terrain hugging wooden coaster that offers some hidden thrills.

After visiting Kennywood for the first time and experiencing the coasters, I was surprised at how quickly the coasters moved into my top 20. The Jack Rabbit and Thunderbolt are in my top five wooden coasters of all time. Anyone who loves wooden coasters needs to take a trip to check out Kennywood and the classic woodies there. Plus there are some wonderful flat rides that you can’t find anywhere else.

kennywood roller coasters jack rabbit
You get some great views of the Jack Rabbit while waiting in the queue. The coaster looks deceptively short, but it’s very enjoyable.

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FTC Disclosure: Kennywood provided a media ticket for my visit. They asked that I live-post on social media and create at least one article on my site. Kennywood did not reimburse me for any food, travel or souvenirs. I wholeheartedly support Kennywood and the opportunity to visit free of charge did not influence my review.

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