Legoland Florida: Everything is Awesome!

legoland florida

Legoland Florida: Everything is Awesome!

I made my first visit to Legoland Florida recently and I have to admit that it wasn’t what I expected! Of course, I was ready to add the four coaster credits, but I also wanted to check out historic Cypress Gardens. In exchange for my visit to Legoland I was given media passes to attend for the day.

Is the Central Florida theme park worth a visit?

legoland florida

Legoland Florida is heaven for anyone under ten or anyone that loves Lego bricks. There’s a lot to do for fans, including checking out all of the Lego sculptures. I only spent a day, but it was a great way to experience many of the rides (some I was too big for).

Legoland Florida Video!

Check out my video! It features an overview of the park and what to expect during a typical visit. (I could have watch the kids piloting the boats at Boating School all day!) I know I say that the park is cute a lot, but it really is!

Legoland Florida Thoughts

The Lego fan is going to love seeing all of the Lego sculptures throughout the park. There was Lego food, Lego people, Lego animals, Lego cars and so much more.

legoland florida

Ninjago and Lost Kingdom Adventure were two dark rides that the whole family will enjoy. Ninjago was a dark ride shooter, like Toy Story Mania except that you use your hands as the controller. It was really pretty amazing and a great next step in interactivity.

legoland florida

Legoland Florida Roller Coasters!

legoland florida

Legoland does have four coasters, but I only was able to ride three of them during my visit. Coastersaurus is a wooden coaster with new Mini-llenium cars that are made for young riders. Anyone over 5′ 11″ is going to enjoy the ride, but you will need to cushion your knees. It’s a classic wooden coaster that offers some great airtime.

Flight School is a standard suspended coaster, like the Great Aerial Chase at Carowinds. It’s a junior coaster that offers a bumpy ride for grown-ups. But kids do seem to love it.

The mouse coaster was closed, so I guess the means that I need to make a mother trip.

Dragon was a complete surprise and is much fun. The first half of the coaster is a dark ride. It transitions into a short, but fun coaster for the second half.

I recommend that families with children under ten spend the day at Legoland Florida. It’s a quick 45 minute drive from Walt Disney world. Lego fans will have a great time, since there are some amazing Lego displays.

Have you visited Legoland Florida? What do you think about the theme park?

FTC Disclosure: A media ticket was provided for the purpose of visiting and reviewing Legoland Florida.

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