DragonCon 2016 Highlights, Tips and Video!

DragonCon 2016 Highlights, Tips and Video!

For DragonCon 2016, I was invited to participate in the Kaleidoscope track and participate in four different panels (History of Disney Theme Parks, Roller Coasters, Disney Cruising and Tips for Disney Parks). The panels were extremely well attended and the Theme Park History panel was standing-room-only with 116 people!

dragoncon 2016

Ever wonder what the DragonCon convention is like? Check out my look at the science fiction and fantasy convention!

DragonCon 2016 Video

Check out my short video taking a look at DragonCon. It’s hard to condense five days into less than seven minutes, but I wanted to give a good overview of DragonCon 2016.

DragonCon 2016 Programs

DragonCon is spread out over four hotels and a gigantic vendor building. There is no way to see everything, so you really need to study the app or website to choose which tracks and panels are most interesting. Plus, anything with a big name or subject could requite queuing up at least 45 minutes before. For most days, I was only able to see two panels, but I did have to present my own panels, as well.

George’s DragonCon Tip: If there’s one panel that’s a must do, then you should plan your whole day around that panel. You will probably want to line up at least an hour in advance.

dragoncon 2016

The Timey Wimey Puppet Show by Mike Horner was a definite on my list. I saw the Star Wars-related puppet show last year and it was one of the best things of the whole DragonCon.

dragoncon 2016

It was standing-only room during the presentation of the Puppetry Track. The panelists talked about Caddyshack, Dark Crystal, Alien Resurrection, Sesame Street and Fraggle Rock!

DragonCon 2016 People Watching

By far, the costumes and cosplaying at DragonCon are truly amazing. You’ll spend a lot of time being amazed at the level of artistry. Most of the people are happy to let you take their photo, just make sure to ask.

dragoncon 2016



dragoncon 2016

I did run into four different people dressed as Prince, which did warm my heart!


Hanging out with One Punch Man was pretty cool!


And Axe Cop!


Look! It’s Doctor Horrible!

dragon 2016

There were so many Pokemon trainers, Pokestops and Pokemon! Many of the costumes were incredibly inventive! Just like this MagiKarp!

George’s DragonCon Tip: Don’t forget to say thank you and please when you’re taking a photo with a cosplayer. They probably spent a lot of time and money on their costume.


The Gender Bender from Futurama was well done.


As was this Dalek!


Occasionally, you ran into some group cosplay, like the Childlike Empress, Rockbite, Atrayu and Falkor from  The Neverending Story.

DragonCon 2016 Tips!

  • Take hand sanitizer with you and wash your hands often! With upwards of 80,000 people in attendance, you don’t want to come home with the DragonCon Crud.
  • Drink plenty of water! There is free water available outside of (and inside of most) every panel.
  • Be careful what you drink! Alcohol abounds at DragonCon; make sure you never accept a drink from someone you don’t know.
  • Pack some snack bars! Con food is pretty expensive and pretty blah. You can walk over to the Peachtree Center which has a ton of fast food options but it’s always hot and always crowded.
  • Parking can be tough! Depending on what else is going on in Atlanta (like a football game or concert), parking can be tough to find. Expect to spend $20-$30 a day for parking. Also, you will not be able to park at a DragonCon hotel if you’re not a guest.
  • Wear comfortable shoes! You will walk an average of five to six miles a day (and Atlanta does have some hills) so make sure you wear appropriate footwear.

Did you attend DragonCon 2016? What’s your favorite part of the convention?

FTC Disclosure: I attended DragonCon 2016 as an Attending Professional and was given a free four-day badge.

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