Emperor’s New Groove blu-ray combo pack

Emperor’s New Groove blu-ray combo pack, a review

The Emperor’s New Groove blu-ray 2 Movie Collection was released in July 2013, along with a number of other animated films on blu-ray. The blu-ray combo release contained the Emperor’s New Groove (2000) and Kronk’s New Groove (2005). Check out the mini-retro review done by Jeff and George during the 2013 release on Communicore Weekly (the Greatest Online Show!™).

George: I’ve always loved The Emperor’s New Groove and find myself quoting from it years later (“Boom, baby!” and “No touchy, no touchy”). We watch it on occasion and always find the film charming and entertaining. Not so much for Kronk’s New Groove. I’m always surprised when the original voice actors (especially when they’re fairly notable) return for a direct-to-video sequel. I’m always thankful that Iger squashed the sequels and I was a little frightened when Pixar’s Planes was announced. The dirge of sequels has been bemoaned by many animation fans and will really be seen as a dark time for the company.

emperor's new groove blu-ray

Jeff: I absolutely agree. While The Emperor’s New Groove isn’t what it was originally meant to be, it’s still an enjoyable film. The sequel, not so much. But that’s OK, because I believe the original is more than enough to make up for it! The downside is that there are no special features featured on this disc.

George: If you’re a fan of The Emperor’s New Groove, then it’s definitely worth it to pick up The Emperor’s New Groove blu-ray combo pack. Even if you don’t want to watch Kronk’s New Groove. (Something else interesting to note: Disney did not release any promotional images from either film during the blu-ray release in 2013. Besides the cover image.)

Did you ever pick up a copy of The Emperor’s New Groove blu-ray combo pack?

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