Atlantis blu-ray combo pack

Atlantis blu-ray combo pack

The Atlantis blu-ray combo pack (contains both Atlantis: the Lost Empire from 2001 and Atlantis: Milo’s Return from 2003) was released during the summer of 2013 with a slew of other blu-ray releases. Jeff and George offered a mini-retro review of the Atlantis blu-ray combo pack on Communicore Weekly during its original release.

Jeff: Containing both the original film Atlantis: The Lost Empire and Atlantis: Milo’s Return, the Atlantis blu-ray combo pack is almost the same as Lilo & Stitch. While the original Atlantis doesn’t get a lot of credit, it certainly deserves it. I think it’s definitely a product of its time, but it’s definitely a good film when standing on its own.

atlantis blu-ray combo

George: I’ve always seen Atlantis in the same vein as Treasure Planet. They both have a steam-punk vibe that has really captured a cult following of sorts. I enjoyed Atlantis, but like Treasure Planet, felt that they both missed the mark somewhere. Michael J. Fox and the voice cast of Atlantis were fantastic, but it’s still not one of my all-time favorite Disney films. The extras on the Blu-ray are found on the DVD section of the pack. It seems to be the same special features that were released with the previous DVD.

Jeff: As for the sequel, Milo’s Return, I think the less said about it the better. It was made as a prequel to an upcoming television series, and it’s evident by the animation quality and plot cuts. It clearly was made as three separate episodes, and then smashed together to form one long plot line. Audiences didn’t take to this film so much, and it’s abysmal performance is evident of that. Definitely not their best work. There are a few special features for the sequel, comprised mostly of deleted scenes that don’t really add anything to the story.

Do you own the Atlantis blu-ray combo pack? What do you think about Milo’s Return?

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