Happy Thanksgiving from Disney

Disney in the 1970s was a very weird time. Not only for the movies, but also for their internal publications. The following images are from a few of the Eyes and Ears employee newsletters from the 1970s.

November, 1976

Mickey licking his lips? And the turkey presenting a wedge of Swiss Cheese to the mouse? Maybe in trade for his life? I’m not sure that this image would pass the corporate lawyers, today. Or be in good taste!

November, 1979

So, the turkey has hisĀ finger stuck in the barrel of the rifle. And Mickey has his hat cocked a little forward, maybe to show his determination. I guess the turkey has his wing around Mickey to offer his friendship?

November, 1980

So, now the poor turkey has to go up against Donald Duck who has a chef’s hat and a pot. The turkey is sweating it out, with an interesting sandwich board.

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