Vintage Walt Disney World Topiary Postcard

There’s so much that I love about this postcard!

Strolling Topiary Lane Vintage Walt Disney World Postcard

Dumbo meets a “topiary cousin,” one of many shrubs grown into the shapes of Disney characters along beautiful Topiary Lane. Nearby, sleek monorail trains glide by on the “highway in the sky,” taking guests on a scenic journey to the Magic Kingdom.




Where the stamp is located is the number 01110289.

Do you remember Topiary Lane?



One thought on “Vintage Walt Disney World Topiary Postcard

  1. Hey George – The Dumbo topiary was located along the stretch of Monorail Track commonly known as the Mediterranean Hotel Site. There was about 20 to 30 topiaries there depending on when you went there. Most if not all these topiaries were fake vs the in-park topiaries which are real shaped and trimmed bushes with a inner metal frame to help with the training of the branches.

    People used to pull off the road there to take pictures which got to be an safety issue and possibly one of the reasons for it’s demise. Another contributing factor to their removal was the maintenance as they grew older and people climbed on them and damaged the fake leaves and netting.

    Cute Story: One morning I was riding the Monorail for an early opening and the 7 Seas had some morning mists drifting into the Topiary Lane area making it all rather surreal. When a young girl commented that the some of the Topiaries were “moving”. Her mother set her straight that they had to be animatronic because everything at disney is fake. Just then the family of deer eating grass among the topiary spooked and 6 deer galloped away. Her Dad commented, “those animatronics get better every year” with smirky smile aimed at his wife.

    Keep up the good work George!
    I might have some topiary pictures in the old slide barrel if your interested.

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