Big Hero 6 on Disney Movies Anywhere

The blu-ray release of Big Hero 6 won’t be until February 24. If you missed it in the theater or you need some Baymax STAT. then the digital download of Big Hero 6 with Disney Movies Anywhere might be perfect for you.


After inputting the code provided (normally, you would just purchase the download), the film was added to my Disney Movies Anywhere (DMA) app on my iPad. From there, we were able to link the DMA collection to iTunes, Google Play and VUDU. In order to access it on the ROKU 3, I connected the DMA account to Google Play. The interesting thing was that a lot of the extras were available on DMA but not on Google Play (there was no extra cost to link the accounts). It worked just like streaming a film from Netflix or Hulu Plus.


My eleven year-old and I watched the movie this week while we were both home sick. We’d seen it in the theaters and we knew it was going to be an amazing film. It looks and sounds spectacular through the Disney Movies Anywhere app and through Google Play on the big tv. We still laughed in all of the right places and the sense of excitement still held up.

And by far, Fred is the best character in the film!

My favorite Disney film (including Pixar) has always vacillated between Lilo & Stitch and The Incredibles. Both films really focus on families and offer a level of adventure that you don’t see in  most animated films. Watching the film in the comfort of our home also let me pay more attention to the backgrounds and I was floored by how realistic the backgrounds were. It was so simple watching the film on DMA. When my son’s friends came over, he started the film and they were able to enjoy it before dinner.


I did a screen capture of the extras available on DMA, but I’ll cover those in another post.

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