Press Release: Olaf’s Adventures on iOS!

Disney has released a new app for iPhones and iPads called Olaf’s Adventures. We join the world’s most popular snowman since Frosty on a quest to find gifts for his friends. There are several different mini-games that you can play, based on the season.


Olaf’s Adventures

No matter what season, Olaf is always ready to explore the world around him. Join him through winter, spring and summer as he searches for gifts for his friends!

Olaf Adventures_Screenshot 1

Features include:

  • Three different environments to explore alongside Ola

  • Collectible magical snowflakes leading to beautiful snowglobes as gifts for Anna and Elsa

  • Several mini-games throughout each season

  • Humorous animations and reactions from Olaf

  • The original voice of Josh Gad from the award-winning box office hit, Frozen

Olaf Adventures_Screenshot 2

Both winter and spring are free with download, and the summer season will be soon available through in—app purchase this fall. Whether users are on a sled playing in the snow or stopping to smell the dandelions in the Arendelle market during spring, kids and families won’t want to miss out on joining Olaf on this fun adventure.


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