Wonderful World of Customer Service at Disney by J. Jeff Kober

customer service at disney

I received a review copy of J. Jeff Kober’s book, The Wonderful World if Customer Service at Disney.

customer service at disney

I’ve been reading Kober’s writing at Disney at Work for many years and enjoy his thoughtful articles on customer service inside and outside of Disney. Kober also shares insightful articles on the business side of Disney with the unique perspective of a former employee with ties to the organization. I’ve really enjoyed his articles on My Magic+ and the MagicBands.

A full review will be coming soon for Communicore Weekly (the Greatest Online Show™) and The Disney Review at Mice Chat but I wanted to offer a mini-review in the meantime.

The Wonderful World of Customer Service at Disney

There have been many books written about customer service at Disney. In the mid- to late-1990s, Disney was often held up as the leader for customer service across most industries. Kobe offers a unique perspective because he’s no longer writing from inside the company but is applying his knowledge from his years with Disney and from his years teaching organizational practices in customer service.

You’ll find a lot of the same information from other customer service books that focus on Disney, but Kober is able to add many personal anecdotes that serve the lessons well. Especially since the anecdotes are all related to Disney theme parks, it’s very easy to put yourself in Kober’s shoes and think about your own reactions. Kober offers many common sense approaches to customer service at all levels in an organization. He also discusses ways to build customer service into your organization before you run into problems or issues.

The Wonderful World of Customer Service at Disney is a great choice for anyone responsible for leading customer service in their organization, no matter what their level. Front line employees and executives will be able to glean the basis for building or restructuring service at their organization.


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