Press Release: Imperial Update Unleashed for ‘Star Wars: Tiny Death Star’

I’ve spent some time playing Star Wars: Tiny Death Star and it’s a fairly enjoyable business simulator game. Disney has released a few upgrades to the game.

The Empire is entering phase two of its destructive master plan in making the Death Star fully operational with the launch of the new Imperial Update.  

Now, Star Wars: Tiny Death Star players can go even deeper into the Dark Side with regular Imperial Events to fulfill the Empire’s sinister scheme of amassing resources and collecting special rewards. The game’s overhauled Imperial Assignments system gives players even more missions with additional requirements to be handsomely rewarded. An Events system has also been built to handle the multiple types of events players will be participating in. Finally, a brand new level has been created to access all the new rewards earned: the Cargo Bay.  

It’s time to start building resources for the Imperial Army as it will eventually require AT-ATs, TIE Fighters, etc. for the invasion of Rebel Bases and completion of the Death Star’s primary weapon!  

In the Imperial update for Star Wars: Tiny Death Star players will now have: 

  • New Imperial Assignments System: The Emperor is demanding for more work to be completed, so do the Emperor’s bidding by visiting the new, Imperial Assignments center. 
  • Complete over 100 new missions and be handsomely rewarded. 
  • Weekly Special Events: Participate in special, limited-time events to protect your battle station.
  • Exclusive Rewards: Earn completely brand-new rewards such as VIPs, Imperial Bux, Costumes, Levels, and Characters by completing assignments and special events. 
  • Cargo Bay Floor: It’s your one stop shop to collect special rewards and packages as appreciation for service to the Empire. 

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star is available from the from the App Store, Google Play, Windows Phone Store, Windows Store, and Amazon App Store

Are you playing Star Wars: Tiny Death Star?

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