Kingdom Keepers V, Shell Game, a Book Review

The fifth book in the Kingdom Keepers series takes a few new twists as the Keepers enter their mid-teen years. The book is somewhat darker as the Keepers face issues that regular teens do, sort of. Of course, there are the first stirrings of teen love but there are also some new experiences, including the debut of Disney Host Interactive 2.0 with new powers and abilities and the first use of the DHI technology outside of Walt Disney World.

The Keepers, working alongside the enigmatic Wayne, are invited to take part in a voyage of the Disney Dream Cruise Ship. Besides being the introduction of the interactive hosts on the cruise, it is also touted as the first commercial cruise line to go through the Panama Canal. The mythology of the Kingdom Keepers has grown in their world as their battles with the Overtakers have been noticed by castmembers and guests. The Overtakers, a group made up by the worst of the Disney villains, want nothing more than to take over the Disney theme parks for themselves.

Pearson knows how to weave a story that is parsed with excitement, danger and believable characters. My biggest and most recurring complaint is about the liberties that Pearson takes with Walt Disney World geography and the mythos about Walt Disney. The latter part of the series seems to correct this by involving the Keepers into a more modern and realistic tale. There are still a few fantasy elements about the Imagineers, technology and the development of the parks that are hard to swallow, but sometimes you have to just enjoy the book you are reading.

Fans of the series are going to love the direction that Ridley has taken and from the ending of The Shell Game, there will definitely be a book six.

Will the Keepers be heading to Disneyland?

What do you think?

I received a review copy of this book from Disney Publishing Worldwide.

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One thought on “Kingdom Keepers V, Shell Game, a Book Review

  1. I agree with you on the changing geography of the resort since in one book they went to Epcot’s UK and he said they passed by big ben. It’s pretty obvious when you go that there is no clock there at all.
    Overall though I enjoy the series.

    If you want a story in the parks but more faithful to the spirit and wonder of the imagineers and the parks then your in luck since I plan on writing a small series of books in the parks myself. It won’t be a sequel type but more of a adventure of the week deal where the previous aren’t mentioned much. I don’t know when I’ll write it since I’ve got other stories I want to write first but I definitely will do this.

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