Fort Wilderness Wreath – How to Make Your Own

The Winter 1995 issue of the defunct Disney Magazine has a 6-page blowout dedicated to Holiday in the Parks and they cover the main events happening during the 1995 Christmas season (including the Disney Institute’s first Christmas). One of the craft projects is how to make your own Fort Wilderness wreath! This could be a fun project to do leading up to this holiday. Especially if you have some excited, bored and crafty people at home.

When designing holiday ornaments for the different Walt Disney World resorts, Christmas Services supervisor Belinda Robertson asks herself, “What do you find when you walk out the backdoor?” At Fort Wilderness, you find woods — so the resort’s wreaths feature apples, pinecones, and grapevine. For real country flair, Robertson suggests substituting a red bandanna for the traditional red bow.  


  • 18-inch Scotch pine artificial wreath 
  • 20 inches of grapevine 
  • 3 pinecone flowers 
  • 5 sprigs of white and green holly 
  • 3 dried pods 
  • 10 pinecones, assorted sizes 
  • 20 artificial apples, varying sizes 
  • Floral wire 

Place the wreath on a flat surface. Unravel the grapevine and weave it through the wreath, twisting wreath branches around the vine in four or five places to secure it. Use floral wire to attach the remaining items. Be sure to scatter the apples, pinecones, pinecone flowers, pods, and holly around the wreath, rather than clumping the items together.

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