Disney Prep & Landing, a Review

Need a little holiday spirit?

Prep and Landing premiered in 2009 and has become a modern, holiday classic. We received our review copy over the weekend and my youngest has watched it four times. The animated Christmas special clocks in at 22 minutes, but there are plenty of other featurettes that add to the fun. I enjoyed the new mythos that Walt Disney Animation brought to the holiday season. The idea of a hi-tech team that prepares for the Big Guy’s arrival at each house was a great way to make the story resonate with kids that use gadgets every day.

Here is the review from my eight year-old son:

Kids that like spy movies will like it because it starts out with lots of action. You think the elves are spies! I liked the prep and landing parts the best. It was like they were playing a real video game. It is a great Christmas show and kids are going to love it. You should buy it now so you can watch it a lot before Santa comes.

So, after dictating his thoughts to me, he grabbed the copy of the show and started watching it for the fifth time.

This one is definitely a winner in our house.

Bonus Features:
Prep & Landing Stocking Stuffer Shorts:

  • Tiny’s Big Adventure-The assistant to the North Pole Christmas Eve Command Center is trying to make a pot of coffee and in the process, accidentally ruins the elves’ break room.
  • Operation Secret Santa-Lead elves Lanny and Wayne are sent on a special assignment by Mrs. Clause (voice of Betty White) into Santa’s office 
  • Prep & Landing Kringle Academy Training Videos-Entertaining Elf training videos shot in Santa’s workshop – Elfdate.com/The Fruitcake Factory/Spa Navidad – Welcome to Kringle Academy – Kringle Academy Equipment Training – Academy Do’s and Don’ts

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