What Mickey Mouse Reads

Mickey’s Toontown Fair at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World is long gone. There have been some rumors about Mickey’s house returning somewhere in Florida (Disney’s Hollywood Studios?). Until then, the only official domicile for the Mouse is in Toontown at Disneyland

The Imagineers have added some special titles to Mickey’s home library. We have seen books in many attractions and restaurants over the years. Sometimes they are real titles and sometimes they are riffs on literary classic –with a dash of cheesy humor.

It is obvious from Mickey’s shelves that he is an avid reader.

Five Cheesy Pieces
Ben Fur
Little Mouse on the Prairie

    Of Men and Mice
    Portrait of the Artist as a Young Mouse

      See You Next Squeak
      Happy Poems
      A Tree Grows in Toontown
      Color My Mouse by Ginni Barr-Ruscio
      Mouse of Cards

        Pluto’s Better Bones in Gardens
        A Trip to the Toon by H. Cheese Wells
        Gadgets ‘N’ Gizmos by J. Shull

          2001: A Mouse Odyssey
          The Great Goofby

            Cheese and Peace
            Mice Station Zebra
            Random Mouse Dictionary Edited by A. Verity
            Moby Duck
            The Toon Almanac 1954
            Toons Along the Mohawk

              The Whole Mouse Catalogue
              Minniean’s Rainbow
              Waiting For Pluto
              Mouse of Wax

                Directions in Tooning
                The Information Cheese Almanac

                  Oh No, Chrono! by E. Kicken
                  Great Stories, Amazing Facts
                  The Mouse That Roared, A Novel by C. Bothi
                  The Great Mouse Detective
                  Mousetrap: Friend or Foe: 101 Ways Around a Mousetrap, A Guide by J. Crouch

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