Walt Disney World’s 40th, the Second Post

I posted the random cell phone pictures from the first few days of my recent trip to Walt Disney World to celebrate the 40th Anniversary. There has been some spectacular coverage on various sites and my group was rather dismayed by the festivities.

This hat really disturbs me. Another attempt to create Walt as a corporate logo and not a man.

After midnight on Main Street USA. Waiting on some fudge!

Meeting two Imagineers (Jason Grandt and Alex Wright). I wrote about seeing them at the D40 event. Meeting them was the second highlight of my trip, but don’t tell them!

Back to Epcot for some random shots.

Beside Captain EO, this ride was a huge hit for my friends.

Anyone want to hazard a guess where this floor is?

I love this view of the Magic Kingdom. Great place to people watch.

Great view of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

That’s a heavy shadow being cast.

The next few pictures are from when I was stranded on the Peoplemover with Foxfurr from Passport 2 Dreams for over 25 minutes. We were stopped in the perfect place, but it was the ONLY day I had neglected to bring my camera.

Walking the Peoplemover track after being evacuated. And all I got was a stinking FastPass.

Actual photographic proof that I was evacuated from the Peoplemover. We had to walk along the track and took the stairs between the Indy 500 Speedway and Space Mountain. This was the highlight of the trip!

Here is Foxfurr’s post from twitter:

After this photo was taken George Taylor was struck and killed by an oncoming PeopleMover car RIP 1970-2011

I tried to get some shots from the ferry as we crossed Seven Seas Lagoon. Unfortunately, I am no Tom Bricker. I do like the first one, though.

We did a little theme parkeology at the TTC. This is the remnant of a water fountain.

This is a larger view of the same area. It was obvious that this was a holding pen (there were spots for stanchions) for people waiting to board the ferry. It had been painted within the past few years, if not more recently,

We hit Boma for the last meal. The food was sensational and the hotel was gorgeous. The chef was joking with guests and telling them that the meat was from a zebra!

The last shot of the trip. Anyone want to guess?

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  1. I’m worried about the wedway people mover. Ours had a breakdown during our March trip and it EVENTUALLY got back up and running but I have never heard of this happening before. I will need to have an OCCUPY MAIN STREET USA if turns out to be a big problem.

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