Arrive Alive on SR-535!

One of the earlier campaigns from Disney about castmember safety was Arrive Alive! …On SR-535. I wonder how many castmembers were injured on SR-535 before this campaign launched.

In a larger article about Captain Cook’s Hideaway and the Saltwater Express, Foxfurr from Passport to Dreams discusses the slogan in a post at 2719 Hyperion:

On pages 125 and 126 of Realityland, author David Koenig relates Disney World’s efforts to get SR 535 modernized to handle the large amounts of employee traffic currently traveling on it – a problem they had, of course, created, the road itself predating Walt Disney World by many years. Disney was unwilling to contribute the needed funds for adding shoulders, lanes and such, but they were willing to launch a massive PR campaign which included a song by Captain Cook’s resident musical duo, the improbably named Salt Water Express – ‘Can You Arrive Alive on 535?’ The song was submitted to local radio stations and even plastered on billboards. Disney got their road widened on the government’s dime, and such is the lot of obscure facets of Walt Disney World that they are often mixed up in stories bigger than their actual profile may suggest. One wonders how many Disney guests those many summer nights ago were confounded by talk of “Arriving alive on 535”.

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