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This update brings my Disney collection to 491 titles. The neatest title is the children’s book about Disneyland. There are lots of interesting photographs and illustrations from 1964 and earlier. I scanned the front and back of the cover and used my meager Photoshopping skills to create one image. Also, if you don’t own a copy of Since The world Began by Jeff Kurtti, now is a great time to buy it since it is the only official publication to discuss the history of Walt Disney World. You will want to read it while celebrating the 40th anniversary on October 1, 2011.

  • Walt Disney’s Disneyland “A WHITMAN Giant Tell-A-Tale Book – 1964 by Walt Disney Productions. Illustrations by Fred Weinman. Photographs by Roger Davidson and the Walt Disney Studios. Printed by Western Printing and Lithographing Company.

I did my best to create a single image from the back and front covers of the book. It is interesting to see what were thought of as park icons in 1964.

  • Walt Disney World Media Guide for the 25th Anniversary by Charles Ridgway. I own tow of the media guides and I am always on the lookout for others. These are fantastic resources for the theme park historian since they are filled with dates, facts and articles about the resort. Make sure to get one if you can find it.

  • Disneys Adventure Guide to Florida: A FODOR’S Travel Book. This is probably one of the last big hurrahs of the Good Neighbor program from the Orlando property. One of the goals of the Vacation Kingdom of the World was to be a good neighbor to all of the local attractions. Disney agreed to promote other tourist venues to help boost the local economy. Once EPCOT Center opened and as Eisner took over, there was a major decline in promoting anything outside of the Walt Disney World boundaries.

  • Millenium Media Guide by Charles Ridgway

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