More Disney Books!

This update takes my library to 484 titles. Justice for Disney looks to be simply stunning. I know that Walt Disney and the Quest for Community will be good. This is the second edition and the first edition was a must-read! The Dark Side of Disney was a surprise and seems like it might be a really interesting alternative guide to Walt Disney World.

  • Justice for Disney. This book was published in 1992. It is a memoir of animator/imagineer Bill Justice. When I flipped through the book, I was astounded by the photos and drawings. This might be one of my top 5 Disney books of all time.

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3 thoughts on “More Disney Books!

  1. @theelfqueen – I *believe* that the Justice book was in the triple digits. It might have been close to $200.00. Plus, I think it only had a run of 1000 copies, so it might be very hard to come by. My wife spent more than 6 months trying to find a copy.

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