More Disney Books!

This puts the Imaginerding library at 473 titles. I am constantly amazed at the new and different titles that my wife is able to find. In case you were wondering, we are on a hunt for the fourth version of the Baird EPCOT book (see below).

  • Disneyland…the Beginning Collector’s Edition by Carlene Thie. There are some spectacular images that are not in the other books in the series.

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4 thoughts on “More Disney Books!

  1. What exactly is the elusive fourth version of the Beard book you refer to? I have a copy of the pre-opening 239 page version but with the EPCOT Center logo and typeface on the front and the spine, similar to the short version of the book. I’m not sure if that’s what you’re looking for here but I’ve never seen another one like it on the internet.

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