Geek-End Update

Where have all the Geek-Ends gone?

I was pleasantly surprised to have heard this question quite a few times during the Destination D event at Walt Disney World in May. I answered the questions truthfully: it took a lot of time and I rarely received feedback from readers and content producers about the links. I wanted to focus my time more on researching and writing about Disney history. I started using Delicious to save links from my Google Reader account. Delicious posts my daily links to my RSS feed which makes it easy to keep up with them and turn them into a Geek-End post.


Sunday Links

Monday Links

Tuesday Links

Wednesday Links

Thursday Links

Friday Links

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3 thoughts on “Geek-End Update

  1. People may not leave a lot of comments, but I know for a fact they visit the sites you suggest.

    I get 3x’s the views when you are kind enough to include my blog.

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