100 Years of Magic: 1906 Cast Card


In 1906, when Walt was five, the Disneys decided to get away from Chicago and move to a more family friendly setting…a farmhouse near Marceline, Missouri. The small town, which was bordered by the Santa Fe Railroad, proved to be perfect for Walt. He instantly adapted to his new rural environment and found that he loved nature and animals, two themes which later became an important element in his films. 

1906 – Theodore Roosevelt wins the Nobel Peace Prize for his rule in negotiating an endl to the Russo-Japanese War.

1906 – Picasso paints his portrait of American expatriate Gertrude Stein.

During the nebulous 100 Years of Magic Celebration that swept the Disney Company in 2001, many different products were released to bolster sales and attendance at the theme parks. The celebration was also another 18-month event that was supposed to drive people back to the parks after the Millennium Celebration. One of the nerdier collectibles was the set of 28 trading cards that featured an important year in the Company’s history–with a photograph on the front and several facts on the back. In order to be more inclusive, the cards featured a few non-Disney items as well.

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