Travel By Twitter Walt Disney World: Day Two (and Three)

I took many more cell phone pictures than I tweeted on this day. It was our first full day at a park and I wanted some good family time. And who wants to bury their nose in a phone all day when you are at Walt Disney World!

For those of you not following me on Twitter, you missed my sensational, live tweets from Walt Disney World during our family vacation (we were there March 26 – April 1). The crowds were moderately heavy and I am so glad that I had the Touring Plans app on my Android phone.

I always take a snapshot of the row where we parked. Obviously, today is an Epcot day!
I love coffee from the future!
Look! It’s the backside of coffee from the future.
It is always difficult to get shots on Spaceship Earth, especially with a cell phone camera. Luck must have been on my side.
Looking a little blurry, there Gutenberg. He must have invented the moveable photo!
Everyone’s favorite office space from the 1970s.
Attention travelers! Please remain seatted. Your vehicle is rotating backwards for your return to Earth.
For some reason, my future turned out pretty angry.
Those are my thumbs, people.
An amazing display of sand castle magic to celebrate Disney’s Cats.
The question begged was which one to do first.
A quick tweet to AJ at the Disney Food Blog to get some real-time dining advice! And no, I did not get the Scotch Egg.
Standard fair at the Rose and Crown!
And now you know why it is called the Electric Umbrella! (The kids loved the chicken strips here.)
This quickly became the seven year-old’s favorite ride.
Can anyone guess where this carpet is from?

So, after ditching the families, Andrew and I headed over to the Magic Kingdom for some late night fun. We rode the Jungle Cruise, Space Mountain (three times) and Big Thunder Mountain (three times). Needless to say, we heeded all signs and did not dance while riding BTMRR.

A blurry picture of the Mary Blair mural at the Contemporary. It was late; my cell phone was tired.
A bonus picture for today. This was actually the afternoon of the third day. We had torrential rain that day and my twelve year-old stayed in while Andrew and I took our seven and eight year-olds to the Disney Studios. As I tweeted, “A rainy day at the Disney Studios is better than a dry day at home!” Since we were running around with two kids and a bunch of ponchos, we didn’t take many shots.

3 thoughts on “Travel By Twitter Walt Disney World: Day Two (and Three)

  1. We were there at exactly the same time and unlike you, we chickened out those two torrentially rainy days and got to know the Swan and Dolphin really well, a little too well, as did many other families on stormy Friday, March 31st. If it hadn’t rained we never would’ve tried the buffet breakfast at Fresh in the Dolphin and lunch at the Fountain which was also fabulous so I guess it was worth it. Ponchos are great but when the lightening is above your head, no thanks! Great post!

  2. My ten year old son also loved Test Track. I thnk it’s actually the perfect ride for thrill ride wary kids. It’s not really fast, or jarring (especially to an adult driver) but suggests speed to them, even though they ride in cars going faster than that on the highway, which makes it exhilarating for them. I’d recommend this as a starter ride for any kid unsure about tackling the roller coasters.

  3. John–I was surprised that the 7 yo loved Test Track and was petrified of BTMRR. Weird!

    Gabriella–My oldest has Bi-polar disorder and ADHD. He also suffers from anxiety-related issues related to the weather. He doesn’t like going outside when it is windy. Those storms terrified him. We stayed in an All Star Vacation Home (4 bedrooms and 3 baths) with plenty of room to spread out.

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