Travel By Twitter Walt Disney World: Day One

For those of you not following me on Twitter, you missed my sensational, live tweets from Walt Disney World during our family vacation (we were there March 26 – April 1). The crowds were moderately heavy and I am so glad that I had the Touring Plans app on my Android phone. We broke our 12 hours of travel into two days since we picked up the kids early from school. This allowed us to take a slower pace and enjoy some of the sites along the way. Holiday road…

It’s showtime…

It is never a trip to Walt Disney World unless we stop at the first Krystal in Georgia that we see during our trip down I-95. Usually, this is the Pooler, GA. exit. Those slimy, greasy burgers are the first sign that we are on our way to the Vacation Kingdom of the World!

I can still smell them! Another reminder, so to speak, that we are getting closer is the slight taste of sulfur that will appear in the soft drinks/fountain sodas as we get closer to the Florida border. Nothing says Disney like the taste of sulfur in the soda and water.

I am sure that every, single reader is familiar with The Prologue and the Promise from Horizon, n’est-ce pas? Well, look at the mural that I found at the Krystal! Isn’t it eerie how similar it is?


We spent the first night of travel in a hotel room; we didn’t want to get into Orlando close to midnight! So, I got out my NookColor and started delving into AJ Wolfe’s DFB Guide to Walt Disney World Dining. AJ is a great writer and the ebook layout is fantastic. Lots of great pictures…and a full review is coming soon.

The next day, we stopped at the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum in Pooler, GA. We have driven by the Museum countless times and we knew that our two boys (12 and 7) would love it. Plus, Grandpa was riding with us. Anytime we can sneak something fun and educational into our trip is a good thing!

Besides being blown away by the size of the B-17 Super Fortress, I was very surprised to find a Disney connection in the museum.

This is the first time we stopped at the Florida Welcome Center. Surprisingly, there was a longer wait to get a picture of the sign than the complimentary orange juice! Doesn’t the Welcome sign look familiar?

So, yeah, it is difficult to get artsy with a cell phone camera, but I tried!


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