Ever Wonder…

…why it’s called the Electric Umbrella?

That is NOT a giant, upside-down lemon!

Originally, this restaurant was called Stargate and resided in Communicore East from 1982 to 1994. It became the Electric Umbrella in 1994 when the area was renamed Innoventions East. In 1982, Stargate served the Stargazer hamburger (word is that it tasted like a Big Mac). My youngest let me know that the chicken fingers served here are the best he has ever tasted.

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2 thoughts on “Ever Wonder…

  1. I haven’t eaten at the Electric Umbrella in a long time. Sunshine Seasons is so good that I just can’t bring myself not to eat there when I’m getting counter service in Future World.

    However, the top floor of Electric Umbrella can be a nice place to sit and relax on hot days.

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