The Future of Junction Point Studios…Ducktales?

The February Game Informer Magazine interviews Junction Pouint Studio head, Warren Spector about Epic Mickey and the future of Disney games. It i spretty obvious that Warren is a big time Disney Geek and can’t wait to get his hands into other Studio properties. You can read my full review of Epic Mickey over at 2 Lonely Deeks.

Would Junction Point like to do more with classic Disney characters? What new ideas might you be interested in exploring in a second Epic Mickey game? 

I’ve actually always envisioned Junction Point well, once we became a part of Disney – as the studio that draws inspiration from the Archives. I’ve been pretty up from about my love of the Ducks. l’d love to do a Duck Tales game, and a Gremlins game would be amazing. Oswald would make a great leading man…er…rabbit. As far as a second Epic Mickey game goes, there’s no shortage of interesting challenges to tackle. l have some ideas about music gameplay that could be fun and there is a world of stuff we can do with paint and thinner that we even have thought of the first time around. Or we could do some stuff completely different and not do any of the stuff I’ve mentioned here. Who knows? There’s no shortage of ideas!

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