Anandapur Regional Irrigation District No. 0015

If you’ve spent any time in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, you come to understand that the theming has been done as naturally as possible. Case in point, the water fountains featured on the Maharajah Jungle Trek are disguised as urns that provide Safe Water for Travelers.

The Animal Kingdom uses pots for theming. In the Magic Kingdom, there are lots of bags of salt!
Here Is Located SAFE WATER FOR TRAVELERS. Please Know It Is Unwise to Drink Local Water, Standing Water, Water From Unidentified Sources.

Wandering along a path in Anandapur, you will notice the following vignette that is just off of the walkway. Looks just like a water main, right? Doesn’t Disney usually color those in Imagineering’s special green and gray colors (like the Club 33 door at Disneyland and the Soarin’ Building at Epcot)? I have run into those massive pipes at Disney resorts and they are usually painted to match the foliage.

So, we’ve got some buckets…what does that stone tablet say?

Take a closer look at the water pipe and you can see that Disney attached a typical garden spigot to the side of the pipe. Handy for people needing to fill a bucket.

I twisted that sucker all day long!

Taking a larger look at the tableau, you can see that the Imagineers provided some pots and buckets for the local farmers and possibly, some wayward travelers. Talk about a very creative solution!


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