More Disney Books, DVD and a Game

We’ve had a few more books show up at Imaginerding HQ. The Kevin Yee title looks very interesting. He is a former castmember and writes in many different places online (check him out on Facebook). Knowing Kevin, it should be a lot of fun. The Marvel book was a surprise find at a library booksale. Since Disney owns Marvel, I had to add this one. Of course, being a completist was reason enough to buy the Disney wedding book. Um, yeah, that’s why…

So, any book by Dave Smith is a winner and this addition might complete my Dave Smith collection. The Vintage Mickey DVD contains some of the cartoons on the Mickey Mouse Walt Disney Treasures which have become prohibitively expensive in some cases.  The Tron game for the Wii looks good, but we want to see the movie first and I need to finish Epic Mickey!

And yes, Scott, this puts me at 354 Disney-related books!

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One thought on “More Disney Books, DVD and a Game

  1. Vintage Mickey is a good DVD if you’re either incapable of getting the Mickey Mouse in Black and White disks or not a super-serious student of early Mickey. In the latter case, it would sit well beside the previous Mickey and friends compliation DVDs.

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