I Really Don’t Hate Christmas….

Phineas & Ferb: Very Perry Christmas

Phineas & Ferb is one of our favorite shows at Imaginerding HQ. It is a show that panders to both kids and grownups without sacrificing humor or intelligence. It is the smartest show on the Disney Channel and one of the smartest and well-written shows on television.

We jumped at the chance to review A Verry Perry Christmas.

Phineas and Ferb and Perry the Platypus are gonna save Christmas! Get ready for the wildest sleigh ride ever as the hilarious heroes of summer vacation launch into their merriest and “Perry-est” mission yet! Amp up the holidays with outrageous laughs, out-of-this-world fun and totally over-the-top songs — everything you need for the ultimate Christmas extravaganza experience! In an all-new, Perry-powered adventure, Phineas, Ferb, and their pet platypus (AKA Agent P) set out to thwart Dr. Doofenshmirtz’s “naughty” plot to ruin Christmas. Will they get everything wrapped up in time for Santa’s flyby? Find out in the coolest gift you’ll get this year — packed with festive bonus features that will have you rockin’ ’round the tree!

This DVD is the perfect holiday collection! In addition to the title episode, there are four additional Perry-related episodes (including Chez Platypus with Evil Love Song) and the bonus Doof Side of the Moon. Plus, the virtual fireplace is AWESOME! Holiday music plays in the background and the characters from the show make appearances every few minutes.

One of the funniest extras was the Keep on Buildin’ documentary where the P&F creators write a song and decorate their co-worker’s office. It is a testament to how amazing the creators are and reason enough to own this disc.

I leave you with Doofensmirtz’s song to Perry about the reason that he is not going to do anything nefarious this Christmas. Seriously, what kind of evil genius sings? Pure awesomeness.

You see Valentines is torture
And my birthday is a mess!
New Year’s is a lot of noise
And Arbor Day’s a pest!
Halloween’s a horror,
But I guess I must confess
That I really don’t hate Christmas!

You see Flag Day is infernal.
April Fool’s is just a bore.
Mardi Gras a waste
Unless you own a candy store.
All these other holidays
I can admit that I abhor,
But I really don’t hate Christmas.

Now it isn’t that I like it,
At the most I feel ambivalence!
But should I really just destroy it?
I’ll admit that I’m still on the fence.
It makes me tense!

From the evil scientist community
I’m sure to get ejected.
But for Christmas I can seem to summon
Any true invective.
Because what is there to hate?
I mean it’s really so subjective!
Though I really don’t hate Christmas.

I hate puppy dogs and kittens,
I hate flowers in the Spring!
I even hate the sunshine
And the birdies when they sing.
I can work up animosity for almost anything
Tell me why I don’t hate Christmas.

Though my childhood was atrocious,
Christmas never was that bad, you see!
So the best that I can muster
Is complete and total apathy.
What’s wrong with me?

How can I prove that I’m
An evil villain worth his salt
When with a holiday so jolly
I can’t even find a fault?
If I didn’t feel ambiguous
I’d launch a big assault!
But I really don’t hate Christmas!

… Ah what the heck? Kick line!

No I really…
No I really don’t hate Christmas!

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