Hassle-Free Winners!

We gave away three copies of Steve Barrett’s excellent book, the Hassle-Free Walt Disney World Vacation 2011 at our program last Thursday evening at the Asheboro Library. We wanted to thank Steve and his publisher for giving us the opportunity to give the books away.

During the program at the Library, we shared the history of Walt Disney World, some insider details and plenty of travel advice. It was great to meet so many people who were excited about planning their Disney trips and a few former castmembers! A special thanks to Stephanie Hudson from Mouse Fan Travel for answering some of the tougher questions!

Steve Barrett, er, Doctor Steve Barrett practices Emergency Medicine in Orlando. He has been visiting the parks regularly over the past 17 years (sometimes weekly) and he is also the famed author of the Hidden Mickey Field Guides.

The Hassle-Free Guide is a fantastic choice for first-timers and Walt Disney World veterans. Steve lays out some amazing touring plans that are guaranteed to save you time waiting in lines at Walt Disney World. In addition to the plans, Steve looks at each park, each land and each attraction. He offers the low-down on the different attractions and gives his rating. Steve offers plenty of thoughtful and intelligent advice throughout the book. This is a great addition to your travel-related library!

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