Geeks, Nerds and Disney Fans Unite!


Winston-Salem, NC – Geeks, Nerds and Disney Fans Unite! Chip and Company and Imaginerding, two North Carolina-based websites with a passion for all things Disney, have joined forces to offer a new and exciting way to get your Disney-related news. Premiering on Sunday, September 26 is a brand new VLOG (Video Blog) that will bring you the latest in Disney News and Views. Two Lonely Deeks (Disney + Geeks–get it?) will entertain and inform you each week in an interesting yet humorous way (Set Sarcasm to 10!).

Host George Taylor, from, presents news from around the world of Disney while dodging barbs from his behind-the-camera co-host, Chip Confer from In addition to news and reviews, you can expect a dash of childish delight each week as the Two Deeks pontificate on all that is nerdy and geeky in relation to Disney–theme parks, books, movies, video games and more!

In addition to offering the latest in news (and opinion), Two Lonely Deeks will offer a multitude of weekly content:
  1. 60 Second Game Reviews
  2. Book Reviews
  3. Movie Reviews
  4. Contests
  5. On-location, live streaming (hint, hint Disney…) from PR Junkets and more
  6. Restaurant Ratings
  7. Live from the Parks (hint, hint Disney)
  8. Theme Parkeology
  9. Cameos and interviews with Disney Legends alive and dead!

For more information, e-mail [email protected]

The 2 Lonely Deeks are:

Chip Confer is the owner and founder of Chip and Company (, Along with his many phenomenal writers, Chip delivers some of the best in Disney News & Views on the interwebs–Discussing Disney Planning, Tips, Tricks, Touring Plans and so much more. When Chip isn’t writing about Disney you can find him out doing other nerdy things: graphic and website design, playing video games, editing and recording videos, working on computers–you name it. He puts the Chip in computer chip! You can email Chip at [email protected]

George Taylor is the owner of and the co-editor of When he doesn’t have his nose stuck in one of his Disney books (over 330 in his collection), he can be found playing video games with his sons, driving his wife crazy or managing a public library. George loves anything related to the Disney Theme Parks and animation. The weekly Geek-End Update feature at Imaginerding provides links to some of the best Disney-related writing on the web.
You can e-mail George at [email protected]
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