DVD Review: Grey’s Anatomy, Complete Sixth Season More Is Better

Wild Horses couldn’t keep my wife from anything Grey’s Anatomy-related. She joins us today to offer a review of the massive DVD set of Season Six. I have to admit to watching the show, as well, but it is merely because of the female eye candy (Izzie, Arizona, Lexi, Yang…) and not because of the fantastic actors and captivating story lines.

Grey’s Anatomy: The Complete Sixth Season

I must preface this review with the fact that I am biased due to the fact that I have been a part of this show from the very beginning. I have connected with the characters and genuinely enjoy being a part of their lives.

Yang practices for the ER Zombie Invasion!

This is one of the season compilations that has a LOT of drama packed in the DVD set. Let me outline just a few…

  • George is gone.
  • Izzie is en route to her exit while still coming across as soft and selfless.
  • Karev shows vulnerability and then recovers his shell.
  • Christina, in her unique fashion, opens up and we learn a little more about her.
  • Owen continues to add a pensive, yet somehow balancing concept of teamwork.
  • Webber falls off the wagon and shows us why doctors experience mental anguish.
  • Derrick displays both the compassion that we adore and a new ambition that makes him more human and less McDreamy.
  • Callie is coming to terms with how humbling love is and how itchy chicken pox is.
  • Arizona is just perky and displays chemistry with the other characters unmatched.
  • Sloan finds out that he isn’t entitled to everything without question and that having a child is a life-changing event.
  • Lexie has that innocent and naïve approach to medicine as well as her peers.
  • Miranda finds out that SHE can be a priority and has her usual temperament that is so hilarious and inspiring.
  • Meredith has the same addictive smile and manages to open her up to family, her post-it note marriage and seeing that she can be selfish in regards to her own career.
You mean, we have to watch all six DVDs?

This set of distinct, unique characters allows you to hate and love…respect and detest. Amazingly, just like real people every day.

The bonus Seattle Grace: On Call “webisodes” allow you to connect with the trials and tribulations of the new batch of interns and their drama (which mirrors a lot of the drama in Season 1 that our beloved characters went through).

I think Stephanie Meyer bit me!!!

The new season starts on the 23rd and if you get this set today, you have plenty of time to watch all 1032 minutes on all 6 DVD’s and get back in touch with the story line. That isn’t enough minutes if you ask me.

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