Pirates of the Polynesian!

Pirates of the Polynesian!

During a recent research trip, the Imaginerding staff was treated to a special tour of the Magic Kingdom by Foxxfur of Passport to Dreams and 2719 Hyperion.

As we exited Pirates of the Caribbean and made our way through the gift shop, Foxxfur stopped and pointed out some interesting items that were hanging from a net on the ceiling.

Any thoughts?

The first clue should be the Tiki Guy from the first photo. (See Foxxfur’s post entitled Iconography for more of the Tiki Guy.)

It looks like one of two things: the Imagineers borrowed a few items from the Polynesian Resort during a recent remodel or the Pirates Plundered Polynesia!

Either way, it is a fantastic way to reuse material.

Don’t forget to look up!

UPDATE: As of a 2013 visit, the Polynesian Resort artifacts were still hanging from the Pirates of the Caribbean Gift Shop ceiling.

4 thoughts on “Pirates of the Polynesian!

  1. Also doesn’t make a lot of sense. If you were a pirate would you plunder local ceremonial art? And if you brought it back would you then put it in a net and store it on the ceiling?

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