Book Update

Whether you are a fan of modern architecture or a fan of Disney buildings (and architecture), these volumes will satisfy you. Both architects created major projects for Disney (Team Disney, Yacht & Beach Club, etc.) and you are presented with gorgeous exterior and interior photographs, artwork and layouts of the projects.

Both volumes present a fascinating look at some of today’s most celebrated architectural design.

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One thought on “Book Update

  1. There’s a couple volumes of that Stern book covering different years. One has the Yatch and beach club, one has the Boardwalk and I think a third one has the Hollywood hotel in Tokyo.

    There’s an older volume of the Graves one that has the swan and dolphin hotels

    There’s also a book on Venturi Scott Brown which has the Frank Wells building at the Disney studios in CA and the gas station at the corner of Buena vista Blvd and Epcot resorts Blvd

    Of course you’d really have to be obsessed with disney architecture to own all of them like me.

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