“I never get involved in politics.”

Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderlandis being released on June 1, 2010. We watched our preview copy this weekend (since we didn’t get the chance to see it in the theater). I wasn’t prepared for so much of the movie to be done in CGI, but I expected Tim Burton to create truly lush and gorgeous environments. Fortunately, the CGI, even on the Blu-ray, looked fantastic on the television.

One of the surprises, was how well the Cheshire Cat worked as a computer-animated character.Take a sneak peak at the character with the following video clip:

A dapper tabby with the ability to appear and disappear, he floats in and out of Underland at his whim. Seemingly calm and casual, his beguiling grin cleverly hides his complete cowardice, but he soon redeems  himself, helping Alice find her true destiny.
FULL NAME: Chessur
FAVORITE FOODS: Tea and scones

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