X-Men, Volume 5

X-Men, Volume Five (Marvel DVD Comic Book Collection)

The original tales of Marvel comic books come to life in Volume 5 of the X-men collection. Relive the action of the popular animated series in this collectible compilation of the X-men adventures. The X-men must turn to their arch-nemesis, Magneto, in an effort to save the life of Professor Xavier! Watch the action unfold in the final episode, “Graduation Day, “and don’t miss a moment of X-men excitement in this 2-disc set, complete with 14 riveting episodes. Complete your X-men collection with this must-own final installment of this great animated series.

I reviewed Volumes 3 and 4 last year.

Is that you, Captain America?

This is the final disc of the Marvel DVD Collection. It is based on the Marvel Universe that was created in the comics. Yes, the costumes are funny looking, but the stories are a lot of fun. This set is perfect for the superhero and comic book lovers. They were produced during the era when comic books made a return and every channel on television was airing their own superhero animated shows. The X-Men happened to be one of the better series. When I put the dvd set to the ultimate test…my six-year old son loved it!
Maybe our cool costumes are hidden in that area!

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