Freeze Frame: The Great Mouse Detective

I ran across a few interesting tidbits in the recent release of The Great Mouse Detective (Mystery in the Mist Edition) DVD. One is documented at a few other sites and the other might be nothing more than an interesting coincidence.

When Basil and Dr. Dawson are searching the Toy Shop, Olivia turns the corner to chase a bubble. The bubbles emanate from a Dumbo bubble blower with a rotating head. Notice the circus drum that Dumbo is sitting on and the circus-like tent with the large D.

During the final chase scene, Ratigan boards his dirigible to make his escape. When I first saw the airship, I immediately thought of theAirship Hyperion from the 1974 film, The Island at the Top of the World. It might be just a coincidence, though!

Cory at Voyages Extraordinaires looks at Discovery Bay and its connection to 1970s Disneyland.

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