DVD Review: Air Bud Golden Receiver

Air Bud: Golden Receiver

This review is from my eleven-year old son. He is a huge Buddy fan; you can read his review of Santa Buddies here.

Air Bud Special Edition is a big change from the original movie. It starts you off where the first movie left off and progresses thropugh with a new problem, a new solution and a new set of villains.

It is absolutely perfect for the sports-loving family. It is also a good childrens movie. It is full of fun and comedy. My favorite part of the movie is during the climactic ending where a plan is executed and a bunch of fan’s hearts are won over.

Air Bud is an amazing, sports-loving, all-around family dog. Air Bud was a great actor. Although Air Bud’s actions were kind of over-the-top, it is though they might happen.

Men would love this movie because of all the sports-related action and climactic scenes. Boys would think, “Hey, a dog that can play sports is exciting! It’s cool!” Ladies would like the scenes where Air Bud does lots of tricks and the love interests in the movie. Girls would love the cute sports channel with the Buddies and how Air Bud plays his role as Cupid.

I suggest that you watch Air Bud, the Golden Receiver, Air Buddies, Snow Buddies, Space Buddies and Santa Buddies.

I want everyone to know how good this movie is. It brings to mind how great a dog companion can be!

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