Restaurantosaurus Book Update Part 01

On a research trip to the Animal kingdom, we found ourselves touring Restaurantosaurus and checking out some of the amazing details. One of the details, in particular, that caught our attention was the amount of books that we found throughout the restaurant. Some real…some, uh, not.

A few of the titles actually exist. Let me share the more fictional titles with you:

  • From Here to Extinction
  • The Asteroid Also Rises
  • The Agony and the Extinction

The last book on the shelf is Dinosaurs in the Attic by Douglas Preston. A real book by a great author. It is about the history of the American Museum of Natural History. So it fits perfectly!

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4 thoughts on “Restaurantosaurus Book Update Part 01

  1. Disney restaurants are so interesting. And I suppose Disney books can be interesting, too; but not nearly as interesting as Disney restaurants. 😉

    Great post, George. I’m looking forward to checking these out next time I’m in the World. Wonderful Disney detail.

  2. Where 2 of my interests meet. I have many of those (real) books on my bookcase. I recommend the William Stout book, especially for anyone with kids moving beyond the general dinosaur books.

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