Walt, El Grupo and North Carolina!

Michael Crawford, at the awesome Progress City, USA, has posted information about bringing the film Walt and El Grupo to North Carolina.

I have one last note, for our readers in North Carolina and southern Virginia. Some of us in the area are looking for a local theater that is willing to screen Ted Thomas’s Walt and El Grupo. So far, the closest engagements have been in Washington, D.C., but the filmmakers would love to get it in a wider release. As the best independent theatre in the area is the Carolina Theatre in Durham, we thought we’d focus our efforts there. If anyone reading this is in the region and is interested, please drop the theater a call or an email and ask them to book the film!

Call the Administrative offices at 919-560-3040.

Film suggestions should be sent to Phil Seib, the Cinema Operations Manager. Phil’s e-mail address is [email protected].


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