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Steve Barrett is synonymous with the term Hidden Mickey.

You do know what a Hidden Mickey is, right?

A hidden Mickey is a partial or complete impression of Mickey Mouse placed by the Imagineers and artists to blend into the designs of Disney attractions, hotels, restaurants, and other areas.

The most common Hidden Mickey form is the tri-circle Mickey frontal silhouette: three circles that form Mickey’s round head and adjoining round ears.

Other images include a side or oblique (usually three-quarter) profile of Mickey’s face and head, a side profile of his entire body, a full-body frontal silhouette, a detailed picture of his face or body, or a three-dimensional Mickey. Sometimes, just his gloves, handprints, shoes or ears appear. Even his name or initials in unusual places may qualify as Hidden Mickeys. And don’t forget other characters such as Hidden Minnies, Donald Ducks, Goofys, etc.

Hidden Mickeys Guide

Steve has just released the 4th edition of the Walt Disney World Field Guide and the 2nd edition of the Disneyland Field Guide. Each book measures 9″ X 4″, which makes it a great size to fit into your pocket or backpack while touring the parks.

This book is a great addition to your trip and will provide hours of entertainment while in the parks and resorts. Steve deftly states that it is not to replace the magic found in Disney parks, but to enhance your experience. The scavenger hunts are a way to provide another reason to visit the parks or to “liven up” a bored or distracted visitor. The repeat guest will also benefit from owning the book, especially if you are looking for a creative way to look at the parks in a different light.
One of the best uses of the Field Guides is with younger children while you wait in attraction queues or for your advance dining reservations. They can spend the time perusing the book and trying to find the hidden mickeys listed or you can distract them while getting them to use clues in the book.
My ten-year old son is an avid Hidden Mickey enthusiast and wanted to add to the review:

The Hidden Mickey is the term for a shape used to express the feeling for the beloved Disney Character Mickey. It is a Fun way to play Scavenger hunt through the streets of Walt Disney World!

If you want to spend some time searching for Hidden Mickeys, you won’t find a better resource than Steve’s guides.
As per recent FTC guidelines, I did receive both copies of the guides from the publisher for review. I do own and did purchase the previous editions for my personal collection.

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  1. My kids love these books. (We have the older editions). They were seeing hidden Mickeys everywhere! I took photos of a couple of the ones they found on our last visit to WDW and posted them on my blog a couple weeks ago…

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