The Exciting Contemporary Resort!

One of my favorite places to visit online is Big-Brian’s Walt Disney World: A History in Postcards. Not only is Brian a North Carolina Disney enthusiast, but he has spent a lot of time compiling his amazing site. I ran across a stash of older Walt Disney World postcards and immediately checked Brian’s site for more information on them.

You can find information about this card in Chapter Two, Page Four along with some other amazing postcards. Check out the light fixtures. Notice the RV and bus on the right side of the tower?
On the back of the card:
Contemporary Resort

The exciting Contemporary Resort, with a wide range of vacation and recreation activities, is one of the real “wonders” of Walt Disney WOrld. Carrying passengers to many areas of the Vacation Kingdom, sleek Monorail Trains travel directly through the spectacular open-mall lobby of the Towers building.

Photo from Wikipedia–taken in June 2005.
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