Calling All North Carolina Disney Enthusiasts!

A few of us North Carolina-based bloggers, webmasters and podcasters have been talking about starting a North Carolina NFFC Chapter.

What is the NFFC, you ask?

The National Fantasy Fan Club (NFFC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and sharing the rich legacy of Walt Disney. Our common goal is to provide Disneyana enthusiasts of all ages from around the world news, information, and events that enhance their experience with, and love of, all things Disney.

There is a membership fee of 29.00 a person that is paid directly to the NFFC (but don’t join yet). Once we establish our NC Chapter, we can agree upon a meeting schedule and series of events. So far, we have interest from Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Charlotte, Winston-Salem, High Point, Greensboro and Asheville.
E-mail me at biblioadonis AT yahoo dot com and let me know if your are interested and from where in North Carolina that you hail.
We are shooting for a late August meeting!
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5 thoughts on “Calling All North Carolina Disney Enthusiasts!

  1. If I lived in NC I would be there. But hey, we have an NFFC here and it takes less time on the commute. I am interested to learn the answer to the blogger per-captia rate question.

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