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In this week’s Disney Insider, a reader asks Dave Smith a question about biographies on Walt Disney and the planning, designing and construction of Walt Disney World.

As far as biographies, Dave mentions the following:
In addition to Jeff Kurtti’s fantastic Since the World Began, I would also recommend some other titles about Walt Disney World:
You can see other books about Walt Disney World on my bibliography page.

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2 thoughts on “Ask Dave!

  1. Another fun book is Walt Disney: A fabulous rags-to-riches saga by Diane Disney Miller. Kind of a look at the Uncle Walt of the public’s imagination.

  2. I’ve read the Gabler and the Barrier, and I’m wondering about the inaccuracies. I thought they were pretty similar in the end. I know Barrier doesn’t like the Gabler book, nor does Walt’s daughter. But I didn’t quite get why, even though I read the articles on Barrier’s website. What do you see?

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